1. Which famous film prop has gone on show for the first time?


2. - Which native american, who died 400 years ago, was captured by English settlers, and eventually married an English tobacco planter and moved to England with him?


3. -What breed of dog was Pickles who is famously credited for finding the Jules Rimet Trophy after it was stolen?


4. -Chris Chibnall created which British television crime drama starring Olivia Coleman and David Tennant?


5. - Joseph Priestly invented which mixer often drunk with alcoholic drinks or cordial?


6. - A Woo Woo is a cocktail of cranberry juice, peach schnapps and which other spirit?


7. - The football manager Jose Mourinho was born in which country?


8. -  IBM is a multinational technology company, what do the initials IBM stand for?


9. - Port Arthur was one of the largest penal colonies of the British Empire, but in which part of Australia was it?


10. - Which English king was known as 'Lionheart'?


11. -  Adam Peaty won gold for Great Britain in 2016 in what event?


12. - The letter officially notifying the EU of the United Kingdom's triggering of Article 50 was delivered to which EU official?


13.- Which company first introduced the Tea Bag into Britain in 1953?


14. - In which prison complex off the coast of South Africa was Nelson Mendela imprisoned?


15. - Which regularly scheduled train service first departed from Paris 1883?


16. - Which organization has a panda as its emblem?


17. - Which Commonwealth nation was granted full independence from Britain in March 1986


 18. - Which film of 1995, tells the story of William Wallace.


19. - Paris airport is named after who? 


20. -Eurovision Song Contest entrants, denied their moment in the spotlight , appeared on a special programme aired the night of the cancelled show. But which former winning song did they join forces to perform?